How to build your own app if you don’t know how to code?

How to build your own app if you don’t know how to code?

The days of learning advanced coding skills or hiring someone with those skills to create a website, launch an app, or start your online store are gone. Nowadays, you can easily find valuable tools online that make the app development process speedy, seamless, and affordable. You can access a range of websites to develop and launch an app in no time without needing complicated computer skills.

The apps you can build from these tools will be on the simpler side since you will still need to hire an app development company to code when creating complex games and apps. However, for simple information-based or form apps, these services offer you the best option. You can build an app that may not make you millions but add value to your website or existing business.

Let’s deal with the crux of the matter and share the services you can use to build your app if you don’t know how to code. Before we compare the different services you can use to develop your app, you will need to acquire app publisher credentials to sell or distribute your app. These services are as follows:

1. AppyPie

The web-based app builder AppyPie makes building your app as easy as baking a pie. That is their slogan, and it is apt because you can create an app on their website without any design knowledge or computer skills. All you need to do is select your app category and a basic layout. You can click to get a demo of the app to adjust the media, colors, photos, links, text, and pages. You have complete control over the architecture and flow of the app, and the website is responsive.

You can get a free plan that comes with AppyPie advertising on your app and allows you to customize your creations for nearly 48 hours. There are also $50, $30, and $15 monthly plans that provide you with stepped-up platform distribution and unlimited app editing.

2. AppMakr

Another easy-to-use app builder is AppMakr, even though it doesn’t have as responsive an interface as AppyPie. However, it allows you to build icon-based apps with ease, and you get a demo version of the app to make tweaks and changes. When you build an app using this tool, you can create an app built for linking content instead of an app that offers native content.

AppMakr has a free version that allows you to develop a mobile website that is ad-free, and for two dollars a month, you can build an Android app with the branding of AppMakr. You can create ten Android apps for $39 a month without any branding and the ability to publish your app wherever you want. You can also publish your iOS app on iTunes or your Android app on the Google Play store for $99 a month without any branding.

3. App Institute

This online app building is highly user-friendly, with the only difference being that you must select a template for your goals when starting the app development process. Once you click the tab representing your needs, you can make further changes to the app by selecting different categories. One of the best features of this app builder is that you can enter your phone number and get an instant link to the app.

However, the only downside here is that this is the most expensive app builder out there, with monthly plans ranging between $40 to $115. If you want to publish an Android app, it will cost you $70 a month, and if you want an iOS app, you will need to spend $115 a month.


The best part is that these app development websites allow you to build your app without learning any complex coding skills. All you need to do is invest in a monthly plan, and you’ll be on your way to launching your app in no time.

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