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We were founded in 2000 and quickly became to be known as app developers who handle complex projects and deliver high-quality work.

Our deep expertise reaches back to the dawn of mobile apps when we built three of the first 100 apps in Apple’s App Store.

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Reach your goals with ease
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We are specialized in creating mobile solutions for Fortune 1000 class companies in a wide variety of industries. We develop award-winning native, hybrid, or web products for a wide variety of mobile applications.

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How our clients achieve outstanding results

Banking project

Our partnership with one of the largest banking institutions in the US dates back to 2015. The Fortune 500 bank wanted a unique and customized app that empowered their financial advisors to stay more engaged with clients and access key information on demand. The resulting app won the 2017 Technology Innovation Award from the Bank Insurance and Securities Association (BISA)... More

In 2021, we were excited to do a series of workshops with the same financial institution to find out how we could revamp their existing consumer-facing banking app that serves millions of clients. During discovery, we learned that their key concerns were improving the usability, simplifying the volume of data consumption, meeting accessibility requirements, and visualizing complex financial data in an easy-to-understand way.

We mapped out a project roadmap to build, launch, and maintain a new mobile app with a significantly enhanced and intuitive user experience while improving the performance of the app. The native solution comprises the latest Android and iOS technologies that will ensure the longevity of the operating system. As a result, the overall solution maintenance costs will be reduced over the next decade while.

As experts in mobile solutions for the fintech industry, we were also able to demonstrate our ability to fulfil all the regulatory requirements that banking institutions need to adhere to. This includes accessibility, testing, and security, among other key factors. Besides maximizing device coverage and testing to ensure quality, we also partnered with actual end-users of the product and testers who have different disabilities to report insights of the app’s usability accurately to provide the best user experience to all their clients.

During the project’s first phase, we recreated all the existing features that is fundamental to the success of their business. We used human-centred design methodology, working closely with the end users, subject matter experts, and stakeholders to enhance the flow of information and navigation in an agile way.

The next iteration will focus on adding extended features such as trading capability, goal planning, and gamification principles which will not only make the app more accessible than its predecessor, but also more engaging and intuitive. As a native app solutions company with over two decades of experience in the industry, we’ve demonstrated our ability to stay at the forefront of mobile app solutions. We take pride in leading the way in mobile application excellence and customer satisfaction.

If you’re working on an innovative idea and are interested in creating your own app, give us a call.

Industrial Materials project

In 2012, a client in the construction supply industry came to us with a challenge. They wanted an app to help civil, infrastructure, and construction professionals save time, conduct complex calculations, automate the design specification process, and eliminate paperwork.... More

The client asked us to work on two separate product verticals. Our first app was a digital catalog for their broad range of foundation and geo-structural products. The second was to reimagine the way that users interfaced with their tubular steel client portal and accessed functionality they needed while on the go.

The first app that we rebuilt guided users through a series of decisions to streamline the quote generation process. One of the major challenges was transforming the way the client processed data for their app catalog. The client used large Excel spreadsheets describing all the rolled steel types, their variations, and images, which was a significant amount of data. The solution we created parsed the “database” of their product lines into a data model and catalog that users could browse through.

We also developed a range of calculators that gives users a list of all the related materials they would need for their project. The process of making these calculators dynamic was complex as a non-linear workflow had to be completed to give users the right set of related products and the next set of decisions they had to make. Our developers and UX designers were able to come up with a way to guide users through the decision-making process, validate the scope of their project and the materials needed, and the ability go back to tweak the parameters to update the quote. The result was a simplified process that enabled users to send a complete list of the materials they needed to get a quote from a salesperson.

With the second app, the challenge was to try to give mobile users all the desktop functionality on a small device. Multiple tables and data interacted with each other, which took smart UX concepts to display this in a visually compelling way. We were able to come up with a way to break down the steps so that mobile users would easily understand the workflow to overcome the small footprint of the device.

The result of the projects are two intuitive apps that eliminate and significantly shorten many manual processes for quotes, orders, shipments, and deliveries. The ability to provide on-the-go access to product information and tools through extensive data analysis capabilities, and a streamlined mobile interface makes this a successful project that we are proud to be a part of.

If you are interested to re-imagine the functionality of your app, give us a call.

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Decades of Experience

Decades of experience

We are industry leaders who understand the intricacies of creating award-winning premium mobile apps that stand the test of time.

Highly skilled team

Highly skilled team

We attract the best talent in the industry. You get access to top-tier designers, developers, business analysts, and project managers.

Trusted with big projects

Trusted with big projects

We’ve demonstrated our pedigree by working with several Fortune 1000 companies and delivering large projects on time.

Wide range of industries

Wide range of industries

We provide you with the best practices we have learned from our clients in a wide range of industries.

Providing great roi

Providing great ROI

We create high-quality apps with a lower total cost of ownership, are beautiful, and are custom designed to keep our rates competitive.

Proudly boutique

Proudly boutique

We are focused on YOU and will go the extra mile to ensure you are more than satisfied. We care that your project runs smoothly, on budget, and on time.

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Find out how we can work together to bring your ideas to life.

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