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We were founded in 2000 and quickly became to be known as app developers who handle complex projects and deliver high-quality work.

Our deep expertise reaches back to the dawn of mobile apps when we built three of the first 100 apps in Apple’s App Store.

If you’re ready to enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing your app is in great hands, let’s talk.

Reach your goals with ease
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We are specialized in creating mobile solutions for Fortune 1000 class companies in a wide variety of industries. We develop award-winning native, hybrid, or web products for a wide variety of mobile applications.

Create your new app

Let us guide you in creating a new, award-winning app that has high star ratings.

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Maintain your existing app

Architect, design, build, launch, and maintain quality apps that are easy to use, secure, scalable, and have the maximum amount of uptime.

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Grow your team

Expand the capacity of your in-house
team by augmenting your staff with our employees.

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How our clients achieve outstanding results

Digital Entertainment project

A Fortune 1000 audiobook company partnered with us because they ran into problems with their app. It was one of the first apps in the App Store and the audiobook industry. Before the App Store, the client sold devices for users to listen to their books. Their app became difficult to maintain, which led them to do a complete revamp... More

A Fortune 1000 company hired us to help them overcome challenges that arose from an attempted rewrite of their legacy app.

They had already started modifying their app when they encountered some pitfalls. Our expert team stepped in to pave the way for a clean architecture that is simple and easy to maintain. This gave them the freedom to focus on beneficial features for their users.

Once they reached a certain level of maturity in this new direction, they could focus on efficiently accelerating development. In working with us, they realized that they could use our resources at a lower cost than hiring locals. As a Canadian company, we can offer a high quality of service at a lower price point. Our project managers, business analysts, designers, developers, and QA analysts have a solid understanding of North American business practices and expectations. They decided to use us to double their team size.

The approach that we recommended was to resolve issues in an evolutionary way as opposed to a revolutionary one. Our client was impressed by our technical knowledge and level of productivity. Today, the app is one that its users love. In fact, since our engagement, the app’s rating climbed from under three to almost five in the App Store.

If you currently own an app that you want to improve dramatically, give us a call.

Pharmaceutical project

In 2021 and beyond, contactless healthcare is more important than ever before. Our client wanted an app that would make the process of getting medication seamless for users. With medication reminders and an efficient way to submit prescriptions, this app is raising the bar to get medication in a much easier and faster way... More

A client came to us with an idea to migrate their business online. The mobile app was essential to their strategy, and they needed the design and architecture to be done right the first time. They wanted an expert team to guide them through the process.

We helped them with everything from choosing the best third-party components to understanding which features needed to be built and how they should be scaled at each project phase. Besides building them a beautiful interface with a thoughtful design, we also helped them navigate regulatory and security issues related to their industry. Along with designing a superior user experience, a key point of value that we delivered was helping them execute a strategic plan that let them scale their business over the long term.

With our decades of experience, we created an app that became so successful in a short amount of time that the client is already looking to go public.

If you’re working on an innovative idea and are interested in creating your own app, give us a call.

Why work with us?

Decades of Experience

Decades of experience

We are industry leaders who understand the intricacies of creating award-winning premium mobile apps that stand the test of time.

Highly skilled team

Highly skilled team

We attract the best talent in the industry. You get access to top-tier designers, developers, business analysts, and project managers.

Trusted with big projects

Trusted with big projects

We’ve demonstrated our pedigree by working with several Fortune 1000 companies and delivering large projects on time.

Wide range of industries

Wide range of industries

We provide you with the best practices we have learned from our clients in a wide range of industries.

Providing great roi

Providing great ROI

We create high-quality apps with a lower total cost of ownership, are beautiful, and are custom designed to keep our rates competitive.

Proudly boutique

Proudly boutique

We are focused on YOU and will go the extra mile to ensure you are more than satisfied. We care that your project runs smoothly, on budget, and on time.

Find out how we can work together to bring your ideas to life.

Find out how we can work together to bring your ideas to life.

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