Native apps

We are one of the leading native app developers for enterprises and consumer markets irrespective of size. We’ve been in the market since the time mobile apps came into effect. In fact, we are proud to have designed some of the apps on Apple’s newly launched App Store.

We’ve been working with Fortune 1000 companies across various industries and verticals ranging from finance to banking to marketing helping businesses secure success through successful native apps customized and tailored to their individual needs. Customers are looking for the best experience at every touchpoint which is what top-tier companies and brands must always keep in mind. We help deliver excellence and redefine the brand experience for their consumer base.

Native iOS App Development

iPhone users are a click away. Connect with them through your breakthrough ideas with our help. We design iOS mobile apps to deliver scalability, security, and high performance.

Native iOS Apps

We’ve been the trusted partner for leading businesses from the day Apple launched its Apple Store. In fact, we were the first to design some of Apple’s newly launched Apps. We operate out of our Vancouver office where our team of highly dedicated and talented developers offers custom services to design native apps for businesses and consumers both nationally and internationally.

Apple has millions of users spread across the globe. It’s become easier than ever to build a consumer base with different demographics. Customized native apps are the key to streamlining your business with the help of mobile communication tools. It brings various benefits and allows you to gather consumer insights for better business decisions, enhance and nurture brand engagement and communication and make better marketing strategies. Leverage the advantages of Apple’s global positioning and presence with custom native apps designed for iOS. Don’t lose out to forward-thinking companies and competitors and let us help you implement a strong mobile strategy to connect to consumers through the world of mobiles.

Expert iOS Solutions

We help capture the attention of grassroots stakeholders more effectively than traditional approaches ever can by allowing our customers to adopt and implement the latest mobile technologies in their marketing initiatives. Atimi works closely with industry experts and leaders in Swift, iOS, and Objective C. We are the proud creators of numerous native apps for some of the biggest brands. More than 60% of our apps have been featured in various mediums including iTunes Ads, Apple TV Ads, print and in-store media. This kind of exposure is impossible to buy or accomplish without having the best developers on your side. A lot of our apps have won prestigious awards. Partnering with us allows you to design your app with vision and creativity and get your business on the track to success.

Native Android App

We ensure smoother, faster, and more reliable apps by focusing on the device’s hardware and native features. Our client’s apps have been featured in various media outlets be it commercial ads, in store ads, or even print ads. The apps designed by us have also won several awards which is a reflection of our success. We ensure apps work seamlessly and impeccably with the help of our team of experts and leaders in the domain of development, design, and app testing. We test the app rigorously to ensure we deliver nothing but the best. Our services are designed to suit your requirements – be it enhancing an existing app, designing a minimalistic app capable of performing viable functions, or be it a complex app, we are here for you!

Android Developers who bring an unmatched experience to the domain App Development

Native Android App Development has become flexible thanks to Android’s open-source Play Store backed by Google. You can incorporate and implement existing tools, components, and libraries to save time as well as money.

Atimi’s team of Android developers are always up to date with the latest developments and enhancements in technology and ensure our apps are in sync with Android’s compliance standards as well as quality control We always deliver an unmatchable and impeccable user experience for our customers and enterprise partners so as to allow their business to grow manifold.

Native Android App Development

Reach global Android users through the right app. Let us design your app with the latest tools and know-how that ensures high performance and security. We take your business model to the next level.

Expert Android Solutions

Atimi, operating out of Vancouver, has been working for years on native app development and understanding and solving various problems that come with it. From ensuring consistent UI and UX performance across various platforms and devices to unifying the app functionality, development and deployment across various Android operating systems. We have always delivered the best in performance and introduced unique features to apps.

With varied and extensive expertise and experience, we can quickly identify the limitations of existing technologies and tools allowing us to think creatively and create unique solutions, introducing new software enhancements that can overcome these ever-evolving challenges. Our apps have been deployed in a myriad of verticals such as tourism, finance, banking, food and beverage, retail, fitness, and many more. We ensure world-class service is customized for every business type that your business and brand truly deserves.

Find out how we can work together to bring your ideas to life.

Find out how we can work together to bring your ideas to life.

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