5 Reasons to outsource your mobile app development

5 Reasons to outsource your mobile app development

From harnessing the power of big data to adding a new stream of revenue to your business, there are hundreds of reasons why you may have decided to build an enterprise mobile app for your brand. Now that you’ve determined that a custom mobile app makes sense for your business, it’s time to select an avenue for building it.

There are two ways in which you can go about developing your mobile enterprise app: you can outsource your development (have someone or an agency build it) or insource it (have an in-house app developer or a team of them build it).

With each of these options comes a list of pros and cons but to keep it simple we’ve put together a list of the top reasons why you should outsource your mobile app development to a third party agency.

1. Speed up development time

Mobile app development agencies such as Atimi specialize in mobile app development. They are highly motivated, experienced in developing custom apps for various types of clients across platforms such as Android and iOS, and they have the know-how to work efficiently and effectively.

On the contrary, an in-house developer may not be as experienced as developers at an agency and, as a result, may take longer to create your app and later find and fix bugs. In addition to a lack of experience, in-house developers often have competing priorities and daily tasks outside of building your mobile app. This can further reduce the time it takes to launch your app.

Hiring an outsourced app development partner can be extremely cost effective in terms of time and money since they’re well-versed in the app development space and their sole focus will be your project, so in the long run you’ll be better off outsourcing all or at least part of your app development.

2. Save on hidden costs

While insourcing your app development team may appear to cost less on paper than outsourcing to an agency, when you add in hiring expenses plus training (not to mention employee benefits), the cost of time (typically, in-house teams can’t complete projects as quickly as a dedicated, specialized agency), the cost of developing in-house can quickly escalate. This is why outsourcing often proves to make more sense financially – the hidden costs associated with hiring in-house developers simply do not exist when working with a third party.

3. Maintain control over your app

It’s a common myth that outsourcing your app development limits the control you’ll have over your app. In reality, this is not the case. As Rahul Varshneya states, “The trick is to set up systems that work efficiently and create a process of delivery and communication. Create a weekly sprint to review direction of the project. Have a daily stand up on what is expected as tasks of the day and review the previous day. Document everything in emails.” In short, if you communicate well with your chosen app development partner, you won’t lose any control.

4. Higher productivity

If you insource your mobile app development, you can expect your developers to have a thousand other projects on the go. Further, your developers may not be interested in mundane post-launch maintenance tasks such as updating for new iOS and Android versions, bug fixes and so on. This could result in a lack of motivation to maintain the app, causing slower app version releases, code error oversights and more.

Alternatively, when you outsource an app development company such as Atimi, you can rest assured that they’ll be highly engaged and motivated as their job is to cater to you. Your app’s success is their success. When your mobile app developer (or in this case, app development partner) is motivated, they will be far more productive. Again, let the specialists handle the large and mundane tasks – we at Atimi love everything about what we do, which is why we’ve developed hundreds of premium apps for some of the largest brands in North America.

5. Keep peace of mind – you’ve hired experts

Hiring a third party mobile app development partner means you get to have peace of mind in knowing that your app is being built by experts you can trust. Speaking from an app development agency standpoint, we at Atimi understand the ins and outs of app development across multiple platforms and devices. We are experts at what we do and can help create your dream app complete with a solid user experience and seamless user interface – all on time and on budget. The bottom line: let the app specialists handle the app development so that you can focus on other areas of your business.

Now you’ve discovered the benefits of outsourcing your app development to a third-party agency, but whether your development choice is to insource or outsource, look no further than Atimi Software. Based in Vancouver, BC, we are a full-service mobile app development firm. We offer custom engagement that includes 100% outsourcing, or insourcing support where we can work alongside your team to make them stronger and more efficient. Atimi can consult on your complete mobile strategy that includes project management, user retention as well as mobile app monetization.

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