About Atimi

We’re a full-service mobile app development company headquartered in Vancouver, Canada. Our company started in 2000 with five founders specializing in Mac development. Since then, we’ve remained the go-to company for complex, high-quality digital projects.

About Atimi
Our Story

Our story with Apple and Big Tech

Early on, we built a strong relationship with Apple to the point that they recommended us to their partners. Then, in 2008, Apple knocked on our door with a proposition that really grabbed our attention. The company would be launching its revolutionary App Store in three months.

Apple wanted us to create apps for Etch-a-Sketch, a promo app for the Dark Knight Batman movie, and an app for a leading American daily newspaper based in New York City with a global readership. Apple trusted that we could overcome the challenges involved and deliver the high-quality apps they needed by their deadline.

Our history

Atimi History 2000


The inception of Atimi

Atimi History 2002 - 2008

2002 - 2008

We developed a relationship with Apple by working with them on multiple projects. These projects included technically challenging Mac OS projects that focused on infrastructure, drivers, and new applications

Atimi History 2006


International expansion to India.

Atimi History 2008


Steve Jobs launches the App Store with three Atimi-built apps.

Atimi History 2010


We launched a major sports app that close to 20 major sports teams in the NHL, CFL, and NBA used as their main fan interface. We were proud to have kept Canucks and NY Knicks fans, among other sports enthusiasts, updated with all the sports scores and match info they wanted.

Atimi History 2011 - 2014

2011 - 2014

We launched a successful app for Bloomberg.

Apple highlighted a number of our clients’ apps on their platform.

Atimi History 2013


Activision needed an app for their Call of Duty Elite: Black Ops II online service. We created engaging, custom dashboards that enabled players to view their lifetime statistics across multiple games and a multitude of social-networking options.

Atimi History 2016


We faced a difficult but necessary restructuring process. After a strategic review of the business, we implemented several efficiency and cost-saving solutions. This led to a leaner Atimi.

Atimi History 2016 - 2018

2016 - 2018

A Fortune 500 wealth management and banking institution hired us to create an app for their financial advisors. The app won the 2017 BISA Technology Innovation Award.

Atimi History 2019


A Fortune 50 client in the Digital Entertainment sector hired us to improve the technology of their audio book reader. Our expertise helped the app go from under 3 to an almost 5 star rated app.

Atimi History 2021


A Fortune 500 client in the financial services sector worked with us on a long-term engagement to create a multi-million customer-facing native app with a focus on enhanced user experience.

Atimi Today History


We continue to work with medium to large clients on innovative projects. We love building long-term relationships, and many of our current projects are focused on supporting clients on their ongoing projects. We love building long-term relationships and many of our current work is focused on supporting clients with their ongoing projects.

Quality is a key cornerstone of our services.

We do it all, whether it’s functional, UI, performance, or API testing. Atimi QA provides rigorous and comprehensive testing for mobile and web apps.

Values we live by



We believe in doing the right thing

How we do things matters to us. At Atimi, we take responsibility for our work and our actions. We are honest and transparent – we honor our relationships. We believe we are better at what we do because we act with integrity and respect.



You can count on us

Commitment is at the heart of our success. We follow best practices and processes to consistently deliver a high-quality experience. Being dependable and thorough means that we can always follow through on our promises.



Providing a fantastic ROI

Having the best people on our teams lets us generate value for clients. As a results-oriented company, we’re focused on performance and efficiency. Our goal is to ensure that the investment you’re making with us in your app is worthwhile.



Working to find the right solution

We know that your business and needs are unique, so we’re flexible in how we approach meeting all aspects of your needs. We will customize our processes and services throughout the lifecycle of building, maintaining, and improving your app.



We work hard at working well together

We are personable, professional, and friendly people who prioritize efficient, kind, and honest exchanges of views. Expect open and transparent communication as well as a team that supports your success. We care about your project as much as you.



We believe that great results matter

Producing the best solutions matters to us and we’re fully prepared to exert ourselves to get there. With us, you will have a first-class experience with professionals who consistently bring their A-game. We hire those who strive for excellence and go the extra mile.

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Find out how we can work together to bring your ideas to life.

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