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We started a new mobile development project and needed people that had experience developing mobile apps and had a proven track record with some larger firms. The team at Atimi not only provided technical skills but they also provided guidance as to HOW we should build things in the industry. We're not technical people and really appreciated them providing transparency. They gave us a lot of insights and guidance in design and application. Our app was state of the art. We got tremendous feedback from our users. We even got nominated for an industry award. I would highly recommend Atimi to guide any organization in creating their app.

- A.D., , Fortune 500 Company, Finance

We were looking for someone who could execute on an app. This was a new area for us and we needed a team that could guide us as far as best practices, knowing the industry well, and having had good clients where they had been successful. We also wanted to work with a company on a long-term basis. With Atimi, we got a sense that they really knew what they were talking about, and they would be great partners to guide us down this new avenue. They gave great data to back up their perspective and they made great suggestions right off the bat. Their expertise and communication have been the biggest benefit in working with them. They've been very consistent in the project management, and they've kept us on track. If you’re looking for a partner that can deliver a long-term solution and can help you grow as technology evolves and changes, give Atimi a call – they're fantastic!

- E.T., Fortune 200 Company, Construction

Our IT team was looking for staff augmentation for mobile and web development and automated testing. It was to support a project we were working on to fill the gaps we were experiencing. Atimi had a good history of delivering based on their promises. We needed handholding and Atimi did that for us vs. others who did not. They contributed to our strategy development and improved our test coverage. They’re reliable, tech proficient, have the ability to work independently, and deliver great communication skills. They have helped us surpass the goals my management had promised our executives. For that, we are incredibly grateful.

- T.K., Fortune 50 Company, Retail

The best in the city! From day one, Atimi has seen through our vision and offered solutions that will allow us to disrupt the market. We want to scale faster than humans can scale - that's why we invested in building an app. We want to do MORE with what we have. Since we do not have programmers internally, we were looking for a reliable team to build an app that was effective for us. The Atimi team was not only been our partner, but they also challenged us on some of our thinking and as a result it has elevated the project. They want to see our project be successful as much as we do. It's worry-free to work with them. With Atimi, you're in good hands.

- J.F., Top 400 Growing Companies (Canada), Staffing

We were looking to build an app that would be used as an online pharmacy application. We really appreciated the high degree of integrity and technical savviness that Atimi brought to the table. We were also impressed by their portfolio – I mean they've done some of the most premium apps in the world. In addition, they're customer-centered and client-focused, and we feel really taken care of. We’re proud of our app that has a modern user interface that's easy to use and nicely designed. If you’re interested to work with the biggest and longest standing app company in Vancouver, look no further.

- M.M., Start-up, Pharmaceutical
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