Kinvey Developer Edition iOS SDK

Atimi Software     Jul 01, 2018

Kinvey is an enterprise MBaaS (Mobile Backend as a Service) platform for app development that was introduced in 2011. Similar to other MBaaS solutions, Kinvey provides a system for linking an extensive range of backend services such as cloud and file storage, authentication, push notifications, app usage, encryption, and mobile analytics within the user’s mobile and web apps.


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Oracle MCS iOS SDK

Atimi Software     Aug 01, 2018

Oracle Mobile Cloud Services (MCS) is a cloud-based service introduced mid-2015 that provides a unified hub for developing, deploying, maintaining, monitoring, and analyzing mobile apps and the resources that they rely on.


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Firebase Spark SDK

Atimi Software     Sep 01, 2018

Firebase is an MBaaS (mobile backend as a service) from Google that provides all the features that most apps would need from an MBaaS, with support for both web and mobile clients.

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Backendless Cloud iOS SDK

Atimi Software     Oct 01, 2018

Backendless is one the newest additions to the MBaaS (Mobile Backend as a Service) playing field, with development having started in 2012. It has quickly evolved into a solid alternative at a time when players are trying to grab as many Parse users as they can after parent company Facebook announced in early 2016 that it is shuttering the Parse platform on which 600,000 apps were built.

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