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Atimi: The Best Choice

Our expert team of Mobile App Developers in Toronto is highly versed in designing state-of-the-art, customized apps that transform and transcend your business to new heights.

For the past 16 years, we have designed scalable apps that suit your budget, and are delivered on time. Grow your business and customer base with show-stopping apps.

  • Design and Development

    With our extensive experience of over 16 years, we ensure complete transparency as our team of architects works towards bringing your vision to life. Our designs are scalable and cost-effective.

  • Quality Assurance

    Our apps go through the most stringent quality tests be it testing out the animations, the transitions, features, or overall functionality. Every bug is tested for and taken care of to deliver an impeccable customer experience.

  • Launch and Maintenance

    We launch the app but our role doesn’t end here. We’re here to make sure you find our assistance post-launch as well. We’re at the top of our game post-launch and provide bug-fixing assistance at every step of the way. We ensure every customer interaction is met with satisfaction and also help maintain the app. Opt for our maintenance plan and we’ll provide fixes when needed.

Apple Mobility Partner

Native App Development

We develop fast, secure, seamless native apps that work offline to provide uninterrupted service to customers. We have highly trained developers who have developed some of the first apps ever since Apple’s App Store was launched.

Native apps have some unmissable features making them the perfect option for certain businesses.

  • They have the best performance as they are developed for a particular platform
  • There is higher data protection and security with native apps
  • They are more interactive and intuitive and align with the specific User Experience (UX) on a particular platform be it iOS or Android
  • Native apps encounter fewer bugs at the development stage

You save time and money in the long run by relying on native apps as they provide higher performance, personalized user experience, and smoother app performance all of which guarantee better customer satisfaction.

Fortune 1000 companies have joined hands with us. You can be next!

Apple Mobility Partner

Hybrid App Development

Get the best of web apps and native apps by opting for a hybrid app. Hybrid apps make use of shared code across both iOS and Android. Hybrid apps are perfect for gaming solutions, apps that require photos to be taken, and messaging apps.

They are built using CSS, JavaScript, HTML5 in a native container. Hybrid apps have become quite popular as more businesses are looking to leverage the latest technological advancements.

Some of the unmissable benefits of Hybrid Applications include:

  • Hybrid apps can easily integrate with the phones file system
  • They have an enhanced User Interface (UI)
  • They offer cost-effective solutions
  • Ability to work offline
  • Shorter Development Time

Our hybrid apps work on both iOS and Android operating systems to help you service a large customer base.

Apple Mobility Partner
Apple Mobility Partner

Progressive Web Apps

With the recent technological advancements, our web applications change the way you use the internet and the web browser. They are supported across several scalable apps platforms providing full functionality and responsiveness. Some exciting features of Progressive Web Apps include:

  • They mimic native apps and have an app like interface and navigation
  • The app stays updated as they can auto-update
  • They can integrate push notifications which makes them perfect for e-commerce apps that are trying to keep customers engaged
  • These apps are based and served on HTTPS servers - only authorized users can access the content.
  • These apps are easily shareable through URLs and can be installed with ease

Give your customers reduced installation friction which can cost your business up to 20% of your consumer base as per studies. Gain the competitive edge through Progressive Web Apps.

Atimi Mobile App Development in Toronto:
The Perfect Choice

Your Choice of App Development Partners in Toronto and across Canada:

  • Design Process


    Atimi has been designing apps for the past 16 years. We were present when the App Store was launched by Apple and were behind some of the most groundbreaking apps of the time. Our experience can be counted upon.

  • Development Process


    Our apps deliver unmatched quality that has won numerous awards and accolades by both Apple and Google. We offer a solid architecture that is delivered on time, at the specified budget and the quality is top-notch. We have worked hard and gained the trust of Fortune 1000 companies, we will work hard to reach your expectations too!

  • Quality Process


    Our performance is world-class as our team works independently or in sync with your organization with full transparency. We provide on-time delivery of your app that is fully backed by solid testing and designing before we deliver a fully functional app.

  • Maintenance Process


    We work in complete transparency and you have access to all our files and working so you maintain full control of the project. We make informed decisions keeping you in confidence and your product in mind with continuous communication at every step.

Atimi: A Celebrated Name in Mobile Application Development

Based out of Vancouver, we operate throughout Canada with clients near and far! We are the market leaders at providing app development solutions to enterprises and businesses alike. Our team is well equipped to develop native, hybrid, and web applications suited for both iOS and Android platforms. The apps work seamlessly, offer an exceptional experience, and are constantly maintained. We flesh out the app design and bring it to life to ensure your brand value is met and customers are satisfied.

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Our Services

Maintenance Process

Android App Development

We develop apps for Android-based mobiles, tablets, and wearable devices. They are developed across the Android Software Development Kit.

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Maintenance Process

Hybrid Mobile Development

Hybrid applications are time and money saving giving you accessibility and features of native and web applications.

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Apple Mobility Partner
Maintenance Process

iOS App Development

We were the first to launch some of the world-renowned apps on the App store and continue to do so. We help deliver a seamless experience on iOS devices.

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Maintenance Process

Native Mobile Development

Native apps continue working even without internet connectivity. Offer exceptionally interactive native apps to your customers that we help create.

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We bring your idea and concept to life through an app that delivers on the promises you want. We have a mobile application development process that ensures we always deliver you the best every time.

  • Maintenance Process


    We work in-depth with you and your team to understand your business and customer base to better grasp your business needs and requirements. We analyze these ideas to be able to create them viable in a digital sphere.

  • Maintenance Process


    We work tirelessly to deliver a design that is light, seamless, fast, and responsive. Through extensive research, our design team comes up with a design that addresses your requirements in the best way possible.

  • Maintenance Process


    Once the design has been shortlisted, our expert engineers work on creating and developing the app, incorporating various features and styles. We maintain complete transparency throughout the process.

  • Maintenance Process

    Quality Assurance

    Rigorous testing is performed at every stage and the app is thoroughly tested for bugs and other problems. Before launch, the app is thoroughly vetted and we ensure no bug makes it past the quality assurance stage.

  • Maintenance Process

    Launch and Maintenance

    We launch the app but also provide services post-launch. A maintenance plan is structured and assistance is provided accordingly. We help troubleshoot and fix issues if they arise post-launch as well.

  • Frequently Asked Questions

    Q. Why does a custom app matter and why does my business need it?

    A custom mobile application helps address specific needs that arise for your business in particular. You do not need to mold your business solutions to meet existing customer demands, a customized app can be tweaked and adjusted accordingly. This helps provide an exceptional user experience and makes your business and its dealings more productive and efficient. If customer concerns are addressed and an app helps provide a great consumer experience, you get a better return on your investment.

    Q. How costly is it to get a customized application built?

    A custom application is built using various resources. The cost of the app is determined by various factors such as:

    Time: The time spent in developing an app depends on the intricacy of the features, the complexity of the application, type of application, scale, and the problems you’re trying to address with the app. The longer it takes to develop the app, the costlier it would be.

    Type: The type of app, its functionalities, features will also determine the cost. A simple web-based application will not have the same functionality and details as that of a photo editing application that requires a lot of additions and facets.

    Developer: The cost also depends on who is developing your app. A freelancer will charge a different amount as compared to signing up with an agency or app development company. Atimi offers competitive pricing and ensures you get your money’s worth and the app you have always dreamed of for your business.

    Q. I have my own App Development Team but just require assistance. Is it possible?

    At Atimi, we also work as mentors and can help and assist your app development team. Our process will be completely transparent and you will be in full control. We will help guide the team in the right direction. Our resources include UI designers, developers, strategists, and quality assurance testers.

    Q. I do not know what my app requirements might be. Can you help?

    Atimi helps develop a mobile application strategy based on your business and customer needs. Having a mobile app strategy in place is crucial to developing a successful app that caters to your customer base and their needs. Give us a call at 778-372-2800 and we’ll handle the rest.

    Q. What type of mobile apps can you develop?

    We can deliver on any app that is needed. Be it developing native apps, hybrid apps, or web-based applications, at Atimi, our team is experienced to design various applications to address specific needs that are tailored to your business.

    Q. Would I get access to the application’s source code?

    We believe in maintaining total transparency and you are in control of the project. You get access to the source code and you are the owner of the source code at the end of development.

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