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Piano Lessons Va

Piano Lessons Va Music is a universal language. When one possesses the ability to play a musical instrument, they are better able to interact with others. A musician may travel the world and communicate with the people they meet, even without knowing their foreign-sounding words. If you provide your child with piano lessons VA, you will be doing them a great favor. Piano lessons VA can give a child confidence and pride. There are many benefits to music education-- far too many to describe in this brief article. We will, however, tell you about a few of them.

Brain Power

Studies show that the human brain continues to develop for many years after birth. The younger a child is when they begin to take piano lessons VA, the better their brains physically develop. Piano lessons VA and other musical education actually increases the growth and development of the left side of the brain. This, as you may know, is the hemisphere of the brain responsible for language and communication as well as spatial understanding. Will piano lessons VA make your child smarter? We can't promise that. But we can tell you with confidence that with piano lessons VA, your child may do better at mathematics and at learning new languages. According to an article published in Psychological Science, a journal of the American Psychological Society, in August 2004, students of music improved their IQ scores when compared to kids who did not take music lessons.

Success in School

According to a Harris Interactive poll of high school principals conducted in the spring of 2006, schools that provide music lessons to their students enjoy a higher graduation rate than do schools without music classes. 90.2% as compared to 72.9%. With so many budget cuts these days, many schools across the nation are doing away with music classes. We believe this is a big mistake. If your child's school no longer provides instruments and music classes, please enroll your kid in Contemporary Music Center piano lessons in VA. We promise you that you will never regret it. Your child will thank you later in life.

Success Throughout Life

We all want our children to lead successful, fulfilling lives. Art and music education can contribute to this end. Piano lessons VA may instill in your child good habits that will last a lifetime. Critical skills of analysis and problem-solving skills are increased in children who participate in piano lessons VA and other creative classes. Music education links cognitive growth with emotional and social development. Piano lessons VA may actually increase a child's ability to think and process abstract information.

Piano lessons VA will give your child a good all-around musical foundation. A keyboard allows easy visualization of the cycle of fifths and other music theories. Many kids who take piano lessons VA are able to learn how to play other instruments, as well. When you are ready to enroll your child in piano lessons VA, call our Haymarket school at 571.261.5000 or our Chantilly music school at 703.817.1000.
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Piano Lessons Va Piano Lessons Va
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