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What You Need To Know When Using A Giant iPad

The advent of the iPad and iPhone has brought about an undiluted inspirational quest for breezier, super-efficient technologies like never before. Many users are becoming so exceptionally creative with several projects performed on these products, thanks to the consistent improvements currently ongoing in the industry.

But there is one uncommon product that is increasingly becoming more appealing to iPad/iPhone lovers than ever before. It is the giant iPad table. This is more or less a gargantuan version of the iPad typically designed for live demos, retail, marketing, architecture, and interactive presentations. It offers a large touchscreen display with which users can effectively interact with all their favorite software, apps, and websites by simply plugging in their typical iPhone or iPad.

Enjoy a stunning user experience

One good thing about working with a giant iPad rental is that it eliminates the need of using a projector connected to a PC or laptop. Rather, all you need is just your smartphone, iPad or iPhone connected to a big screen and there you have it – your presentation. It is basically an unusually large touchscreen display device that comes with a fully functioning camera, multiple touch points, volume controls, and home button.

While maintaining the same touch functionality which everyone is generally used to, the giant iPad seeks to incorporate the latest multi-touch technology and software that allow mobile devices to be increased in size. Obviously, it works, feels, and looks like an Apple-enabled mobile device – iPad, iPhone or iPod. The only difference is that it is presented in a much wider screen size than any other iOS device anyone can ever think of or imagine.

What more can be said other than it is a fully functioning iOS device that is designed to provide users with a stunning user experience ideal for conferences, press launches, and exhibitions? Users can get engaged with the device’s high-quality camera while participating in social media photo sharing, Skype video calls, Cisco WebEx, facetime video conferencing or calls and interactive camera photo booth applications such as SnapChat or Masquerade (MSQRD) apps.

Supersize your iOS experience

As already explained, the giant iPad table which is available in various sizes ranging from 40” to 80”, can be effectively used as an interactive table. It can be mounted to a wall, hung in a lobby or carried on a traveling mount for display in a trade show. Many big organizations and corporate bodies are already using this product as an interactive TV in their conference rooms. Consider it as a fully functioning giant smartphone or tablet that can be used to access and download available apps from Apple App Store.

Anyone can easily make use of this device to show their PowerPoint presentation. With just a simple hand gesture, users can dynamically move on the next slide. It can also be very much effective for exhibitions. Presenters can wirelessly mirror anything that they wish to demonstrate from their iPhones and iPads with this device. As a touchscreen, it cannot only be used to show off PowerPoint presentations but also to present apps and websites.


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