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Ad Hoc Reporting Software

Ad Hoc Reporting Software

Ad hoc reporting is a model of BI in which reports are created and distributed by non-technical BI users. If you are tasked with tracking KPIs and metrics for your company, but you don’t have any background in IT or coding, you are the perfect candidate to benefit from the intelligence and ease of use of ad hoc reporting and analysis.

Generally, this BI model can be viewed as simple as a single page date chart or as rich and complex as cross-tab reports or interactive tabular with visualization features and drill-down – or present themselves in the form of heat maps, dashboards, or more advanced forms. 

Benefits of Ad Hoc Reporting

Timely delivery of important data: Ad hoc reporting allows users to get up and running quickly and get important information to the necessary party in a timely fashion, thus allowing the simplification of timely decision making and answers. 

Flexibility: In order for businesses to survive and succeed, it needs to constantly evolve, and having answers to the changing business questions is essential. Ad hoc reporting offers the power for users to get instant answers for critical business flexibility.

Cost-savings. Ad hoc is a business intelligence model that streamlines the access you have to information and wizards will help you to quickly get down to business, thus reducing the need for expensive human guidance and training. 

Sharing of information: Ad-hoc reporting allows partnership and sharing of essential information since you can organize, create, and publish reports that are available for view by other users.

What Makes a Good Ad hoc Reporting Software? 

 Strong: The BI model must provide users the information they need to see, comprehend, and undertake in their data. The software should be far from being an advanced version of Excel; the solution should provide interactive features such as ad hoc dashboards, rich visualizations, advanced sorting, and filtering, and drill down and drill through.

Easy to use: If an ad hoc reporting solution appears to be complicated, most of the end-users will be turned off. So, some of the best ad hoc reporting software on the market offers numerous levels of user experience from the user interfaces to more sophisticated features as you learn on the go. 

Web or cloud-based: For an ad hoc to be very useful, it should run online. The software must be available to access anywhere and anytime. An online ad hoc solution is available on any device and from virtually anywhere with an internet connection.

Fundamentally human: Users want solutions that support their current business models. These people want to see the intuitive design, reliability, and customization they are used to getting from the software that uses in their personal lives. 

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Ad Hoc Reporting Software
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Ad Hoc Reporting Software Ad Hoc Reporting Software
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