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Atimi is a full-service mobile app development firm based in Vancouver, Canada. We are specialized in the design and development of native apps for the enterprise and consumer markets. We have deep expertise in native app consulting that reaches back to the beginning of mobile apps. Since the beginning of the app stores, we have built and launched hundreds of true native apps for Fortune 1000 class companies. Top tier brands demand high quality and a consistently excellent brand experience at every customer touch point.

We were here since the App Store’s opening day, and we’ve been here ever since as the trusted mobile partner for leading enterprises and top tier brands.

With millions of iOS users worldwide, nearly all regions and demographics are reachable through Apple native app development. Whether you’re looking to streamline your business processes with new mobile communication tools, gather business intelligence to better inform future market strategy, or create and foster brand engagement, custom native iOS apps can get you there. Leverage the global ubiquity of Apple devices with custom native iOS apps, and instantly transition audiences over to the new mobile paradigm. In today’s highly connected world, companies that fail to adopt a mobile strategy risk losing market share to more forward thinking competitors.

Our iOS Expertise

We help our clients innovate their business practices by adopting new mobile technologies that engage grassroots stakeholders more effectively than traditional approaches can accomplish. Atimi is comprised of industry experts in iOS, Swift, and Objective C. Belonging to the Apple Mobility Partner program is proof of our commitment to products that consistently meet or exceed Apple’s notoriously stringent quality control requirements, thereby accelerating time to market for your app. We have developed hundreds of premium apps for some of the biggest brands around. Many are award winners, and 60% of our apps have been featured by Apple in TV ads, iTunes advertising, in-store, or in print ads. You simply cannot buy that kind of exposure. There are no shortcuts to success—it just requires creating a great app. Partnering with Atimi can get you to where you want your business to go.

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