Native Android Apps

We build apps with a focus on a device’s native features and hardware, so your app runs smoother, faster, and more reliably. Our work can be measured by our success as many of our clients’ apps have won awards and have been featured in commercials, iTunes ads, in-store, and print media. Atimi has an expert team of designers, developers and testers who know what it takes to design, build, and rigorously test a consumer or enterprise mobile app that functions impeccably. So whether you want to build a minimum viable product, a complex app, or improve on your existing app, we can help you build your next native app tailored for you and your mobile users.

Our Android developers bring a wealth of experience to complement our strengths in iOS.

The Android platform’s inherently open source nature is both its greatest strength and weakness. The decentralized, community-driven approach espoused by Google generally allows for a more flexible and modular approach when it comes to native Android app development. By incorporating existing software libraries, tools and components into a project, you can save time and money. However, due to the lack of a centralized authority to ensure standards compliance and quality control, Android developers must constantly keep up to date on the latest developments within this deeply fragmented ecosystem, where overall technical risk grows with every third-party project integration.

Our Android Expertise

Through years of developing native apps for Android, Atimi has gained an intimate understanding of these challenges—from how to unify development processes across multiple Android OS versions, to ensuring UI/UX consistency across myriad device screen sizes—and we know how to capitalize on the unique features that Android offers. Our expertise allows us to quickly evaluate off-the-shelf components for interoperability, compatibility and risk impact within your project. Our experience allows us to recognize the limits of existing tools and techniques when it comes to custom Android app development, and we welcome the opportunity to create new software features and functions that can address the unique challenges you face.

Whether you’re starting an Android app development project for finance, media, health and fitness, travel and tourism, retail, or food and beverage, Atimi can deliver the best-in-class app that your brand deserves.

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